10:45 - 11:15

Mark Lawn, Director of Graphics & Communications Group at Canon Europe
Jacky Hobson, Industry Consultant and Director at Up Marketing Ltd

In 2012, as part of its commitment to inspire and inform customers, Canon published its See the Bigger Picture, Insights Report. The research identified a dramatic reduction in the number of traditional Print Buyers and that, increasingly, the marketer had become the Print Service Provider’s (PSP’s) customer. But, 6 years on, is that still the case?

In this 30-minute presentation Mark Lawn, Director of Graphics & Communications Group at Canon Europe, is challenged by industry marketing consultant Jacky Hobson. Is the marketer still where we should be focusing our attention and efforts? Or are there a new target audience for whom print is a perfect solution, and the PSP an ideal solution provider? More importantly, what is Canon doing to help its customers answer these questions and meet the challenge?

Key take-away: Join Canon’s workshop to find out:

  • Who today’s print customer is
  • How new business models create opportunities for print
  • What markets PSPs should be looking at to harness growth

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