Understanding your customer’s real challenges is the key to selling print in a post GDPR world


Alex Granat, Commercial Director, Transeo Media; Customer Data Council, DMA; Fellow, Institute of Direct Marketing

Businesses of all sizes are struggling to adapt to the ever changing ways their customers communicate with them. Effective engagement means somehow coherently capturing a wide variety of channels, data, and social media noise. Inevitably, marketing budgets are allocated to what gives the easiest and most measurable return. The strategic, technological, and regulatory challenges are enormous, especially GDPR.

This workshop investigates the steps printers can take to stop the rot and identifies strategies to win a lucrative share of today's marketplace.

During this session delegates will learn the important subject matters such as:

  • GDPR
  • Personalisation
  • Multi-channel customer engagement
  • Return on investment
  • The unique role of print