The Solopress journey and the lessons learned


Aron Priest, Co-founder and managing director, Solopress

Aron Priest will talk about his and the company’s journey from a one man, one press trade printing outfit to one of the of the UK’s leading online print innovators with sales of more that £20m - a journey that culminated in the business’s sale last year. He’ll talk about how he and his business partner decided when was the right time to sell and how they prepared it for a sale. Aron’s session will also mix inspiration and hard learned lessons in equal measure. He’ll cover topics from how technology supported the company’s evolution, the future of e-commerce and the importance of data in the running of all print businesses. He’ll talk about how data can provide valuable insights on the products that work for your business and those that don’t, how it can shape your marketing strategy, and how it can help identify new opportunities. Importantly, he’ll also share his experiences of some of the things that didn’t work and the lessons he learned.