The innovation imperative

10:15 - 11:00

James Duckenfield, chief executive, Hobs Group

With a solid background in driving innovation to deliver commercial success, few people are better placed than James to share hard-earned insights on why innovation is a necessity not a luxury. He’ll draw on his 20-plus years’ industry experience; which has included starting and then selling a technology business and being chief innovation officer for Xerox’s consulting and analytics businesses to, more recently, returning to the coalface by buying into and becoming CEO of one of the industry’s most innovative businesses, Hobs Group, to share powerful insights on how to put innovation at the centre of your business. In his inspirational session, James will cover off topics such as why innovation is imperative for the survival of your business and why there should be no sacred cows when it comes to driving change. He’ll also share statistics on what is happening to our industry, share examples of successful innovation, highlight how you can align your people and customers and share practical next steps to empower them and you to drive innovation at your business.